Creek Side Shopping Notes

I went shopping at the new Heinen’s Chagrin Falls store in mid-February 2018. I normally don’t shop there but on that afternoon the store was on my way home and I needed a loaf of bread. This is a new Heinen’s and this was probably only my 2nd or 3rd visit to it. I stopped at the Customer Service desk before hitting the aisles to check out the “Tasteful Rewards” sale item list for the week and ask for the location of the bread aisle. After giving me the location of the bread aisle the Customer Service Representative informed me that I might have a survey offer at the bottom of my sales receipt that day and that if I completed the survey I would receive $5.00 off my bill on my next Heinen’s visit.

Sure enough I did have a Survey offer on my receipt. Survey was to be done online. When I went online at home a few days later I found most questions were multiple choice with a few places for free form comments. I also found the discount would be 5% off, not $5.00 off, my next Heinen’s shopping trip but I went ahead with it anyway. Here are comments I made in the free form sections of the survey:

Q: Please further describe your reason for your visit:

A: I needed a loaf of bread. I normally buy a 100% whole wheat bread, no high fructose corn syrup in the long loaf, standard width — Aldi’s L’Oven Fresh 100% 20 oz. but did not have the time to drive to an Aldi’s. I was hoping you would have a substitute such as Schwebel’s 100% whole wheat, no high fructose corn syrup , long loaf, standard width UPC 71319 00027, but you didn’t. You had a Schwebel’s Honey Wheat, and a Schwebel’s Wheat (both on sale at $1.99 — good price) and both, I think, in the long loaf version. And you also had some sort of higher end Schwebel’s 100% whole wheat in a short loaf, wide pan format at a premium price. I don’t buy wide format bread – larger slice size means more calories per slice.

Q; Comment on your experience:

A: Pricing was somewhat high on non-sale items. Space in the store is limited so it is understandable you don’t carry breads from a variety of commercial bakers in the commercial bread area of the grocery section. However, you do carry quite a bit of Schwebels who makes a 100% whole wheat long loaf, no high fructose corn syrup, standard width, 20oz. bread that I can live with. You didn’t have the bread at this store. That bread or something similar was the purpose of my trip. I believe I have bought it at your larger stores. I did check for an in-house bakery version of a 100% whole wheat bread in the bakery section of the store but the closest match I could find was one that was a blend of whole and standard wheat flours.

Other than the above, the store is quite an experience – the huge, well staffed, well provisioned deli/salad bar/bakery/meat sections, the unique dining/socializing areas, the very active wine and beer sections.

Also was surprised at the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff at the checkouts and service desk who remembered me from previous visits even though my visits are infrequent.

Q: What could Heinen’s do to improve your experience?:

A: See my previous notes about 100% whole wheat, no high fructose corn syrup, long loaf standard width commercially baked bread not being in stock at this downtown Chagrin Falls store. So, please stock Schwebel’s UPC 71319 00027 or other brand’s equivalent.


Shopper Notes:

Walnut Shopping:

What: Walnuts, Halves and pieces for snacking and cooking







Price per ounce (cents)

Marc’s Solon Poindexter Nut





Target Eastgate Diamond





Target Eastgate Market Pantry





Walmart Mayfield Hts. Fischer Nuts





Walmart Mayfield Hts/ Great Value






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